Harris – Where We Came From

Harris Christ Church – Where we Came From

In 1998 the congregation purchased a double garage in the grounds of Groscleit House and, through their own efforts, obtained financial assistance from the Province and the Diocese, from Rural Churches in Community Service and from other trusts and bodies to convert it into a most beautiful church which holds up to 50 people. It was converted with their own hands and stands as a great example of a leap of faith, being dedicated by the Bishop in July 1999. In May 2000, Daniel Davies was ordained deacon for Local Collaborative Ministry in Christ Church by the Bishop – another great step forward in providing supported self sufficient ministry in outlying areas. 

For more than 40 years there has been a House Church on the Island of Harris. Originally this congregation formed part of St Peter’s, Stornoway, but in 1994 it became an Independent Congregation. It chose the dedication of Christ Church after the name of the chapel on the Isle of Ensay. Each year in September there is a pilgrimage to Ensay led by the Bishop of Argyll & The Isles and the Eucharist is celebrated in the chapel.