What’s coming up………

    It’s that time of year again! Christ Church, Lochgilphead  – Friday 1st November & Saturday 2nd November 2019 Once again the Winter Bazaar is almost upon us.  Frantic preparations are in progress.  This is just to keep you up to speed as it were – any help will be gratefully accepted. On Wednesday […]

Christmas Services

Will be updated during November

Events across the Diocese

Thursdays in September 11am-2pm in St John’s Cathedral, Oban. Coffee Morning. Donation. Saturday, 17th September at 7.30pm at St John’s Cathedral, Oban. Porthcawl Male Voice Choir in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. Adults £10 Sunday, 18th September at 3.30pm at St James, Ardbrecknish. Evensong to celebrate Harvest and in memory of Major Thorpe, killed in action […]

Easter poem

This poem by Evangeline Paterson simply takes my breath away.  The gaps are as the poet wrote them.  I suggest you read it aloud observing them.   The effect is astonishing.   And that will be heaven And that will be heaven at last   the first unclouded seeing   to stand like the sunflower turned full […]


I can do no better than to recommend you listen to Sunday Worship of Feb 22nd.   The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book is Rev Desmond Tutu’s ‘In God’s Hands’ and Radio 4 is following that for its Lent theme on Sunday mornings at 8.10.  This week the service from St Martin-in-the Fields focussed on the […]

Healing – restoration or transformation?

For today’s blog, I’m indebted to the Revd Lisa Eunson who shared with me a thought from a recent sermon.  The question is hers – the rest is my take on it! Is healing about more than the resumption of ‘normal service’?   When we suffer in any way -physically, mentally, emotionally, spirituality – it’s human […]

Rural ministry

Rural ministry applies to most charges in this diocese – and indeed to many in the SEC.  Even those in towns like Oban, Dunoon or Campbeltown have rural dimensions.   The Church Times has a telling piece summarising a report  ‘Released for Mission: Growing the rural Church’  from the Rural Affairs Group of the C of […]

‘The Gospel – take it or leave it’

Marion Mackay from St Peter’s Stornoway shared a link this morning which provides considerable food for thought.   Diocesan ‘Facebookers’ will have come across it but it’s worth relaying here. The historian A.N. Wilson writes in the Telegraph about the state of Christianity in the world today.   He asks how we can interpret phenomena such as […]

Mary Slessor

The blog returns after rather a lengthy seasonal break! Mary Slessor’s name is familiar to me, brought up as I was in the Church of Scotland.   We heard about her in Sunday School and I think she was one of the ‘heroines’ featured on the back page of the girls’ comic I read.  ‘Girl’ was […]

1982 Liturgy

Scottish Liturgy 1982 PREPARATION Litirdi Albannach 1982DEASACHADH 1 Welcome Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 1 Fàilte Gràs agus sìth dhuibh o Dhia ar n-athair agus ar Tighearna Iosa Crìosd. Amen. 2 Peaceor at 16 We meet in Christ’s name. Let us share his peace. 2 Sìth Tha […]