Canon 31 discussion and vote: Proposed amendment to allow same-sex marriage

The diocesan synod considered, among many other items of business, a proposed amendment to Canon 31, the marriage canon, that, if passed in the General Synod in June 2017, would allow same-sex marriage to become part of the life of the SEC.

This is complex and divisive issue, and a very careful and respectful session considered the matter.  The amendment had been passed as a first reading at the General Synod in June 2016, and so comes out to the dioceses to supply opinions and information to the general synod.

After careful and respectful discussion, summarised in the attached document, the results of the vote were:

House of Bishops 1 in favour
House of Clergy 5 in favour 2 against
House of Laity 12 in favour 7 against
Totals 18 in favour 9 against
(67%) (33%)

The attachment below has all the feedback provided by the table facilitators in the discussion session before the vote was held.

Argyll and The Isles Canon 31 Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) discussion and vote 8 March 2017

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